Green Liberty peace forum

Sunday, November 26 at 7 pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific

Click on YouTube to see hour long raw cut of our Peace Forum: Gloria covers importance of truth and justice as predicates to achieving peace; John Spritzler explains the value and importance of an Egalitarian Revolution as foundational to developing world peace; and Emanuel Pastreich speaks broadly to need for community development, prosecuting class criminals, and building a movement.

The military-industrial complex must stand down! Join us as we make the case for the US hegemon and its vassal state, Israel, to stop instigating wars.

The Forum will address the value of Peace, and how the plutocracy uses war to divide and conquer the people. Our elites block us from from finding our common interest and building an egalitarian society. American history shows us numerous wars advanced under false flag scenarios. We can only liberate ourselves from “forever wars” by building a mass movement that opposes war, because war distracts us from liberation itself.

Green Liberty Bloc is a project of Green Liberty Caucus and like-minded individuals and groups. For Green Liberty, liberation is an egalitarian society that builds ecology into the human project. We support the web of life, and we advance bio-diversity as a good in itself. Human society cannot exist without a viable nature to sustain life.


Gloria Guillo: The Green Renaissance Sovereign Rights Movement demands international peace.,

Chuck Fall: Big Lies drive the war agenda. Urgent need for a Green Liberation Movement, and how a Green Liberty PAC will help build leadership.

John Spritzer: Egalitarian Revolution as a program to unite masses against a plutocracy that uses war to divide and conquer.

Emanuel Pastreich: A call for Peace with demands for justice and community building is necessary to liberate us from the power elite.

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