Green Liberty in Solidarity with Rage Against War Rally, February 19th!

Rage against war poster
Rage Against War rally Feb. 19th

Media statement of solidarity with Rage against War event.

Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter and Lane Chapter, Pacific Green Party, and Wisconsin Liberty Caucus,
stand in solidarity with the Rage Against War event to be held in Washington D.C on February 19th.

The Key demands of the protest include:

1) Not One More Penny for War in Ukraine
2) Negotiate Peace
3) Stop the War Inflation
4) Disband NATO
5) Global Nuclear De-Escalation
6) Slash the Pentagon Budget
7) Abolish the CIA and Military-Industrial Deep State
8) Abolish War and Empire
9) Restore Civil Liberties
10) Free Julian Assange

All of these demands are supported by our key values and platform planks opposed to militarism.,

We believe the United States through NATO is engaging in a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. We accept that NATO / United States has provoked the conflict with Russia and is engaging in an undeclared World War III aimed at securing  NATO / Atlantic Alliance hegemony over Russia.

Ukraine is a pawn in a global chess match that is destroying the country. John Mearsheimer warned the US elite in the 1990’s that Ukraine would be wrecked if NATO expanded into its territory; indeed, the United States plot to make Ukraine a proxy state for its battle with Russia is the cause of the Ukraine war.

Peace can prevail if war ends.

NATO needs to be brought to heel; only a mass protest of a left / right coalition that oppose imperial state power, and projects like the Project for a New American Century, can make a difference. Our common foe in the military industrial complex should unite us in opposition and ideological differences subordinated to the greater cause of ending war and building peace.

In solidarity, Green Liberty Bloc Oregon, Wisconsin and others.

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