Green Liberty hosts Forum on Movement Building: Demanding Justice under the Domestic Violence clause of the US Constitution. Saturday; 5:00pm Eastern; 2pm Pacific

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Featuring Michael Diamond, author of the book, If you can keep it: a Roadmap to environmental security. Published in 1996, the book argues that a citizens’ movement that appeals to the Domestic Violence clause of the US constitution can lever corporations out of power. He calls on all Americans to rally against the power elite by opposing the violence they cause. We can do this by claiming protection under the constitution. This involves appealing to state legislatures to request Federal protection against domestic violence, citing Article 4; section 4 in the US Constitution.

The domestic violence clause is a critical bookend to the US Constitution, and a prelude to the Bill of Rights. Appealing to the heart of the purpose of government, to ensure domestic tranquility and protect the general welfare, will challenge the local state government to do the right thing. The domestic violence clause is put into play by an appeal to Uncle Sam by a state legislature. State legislatures are put into play by citizen activism.

Making an appeal under the domestic violence clause is morally righteous and should not be dismissed as a pie in the sky fantasy. The constitution is a real authority; and the people who work in government are real, as are our legislators. Through lobbying, talking directly with our representatives, we in the political truth movement can put them on notice that they have a duty to do something to end the domestic violence; otherwise they could be considered an accessory to a crime. In the theory of treason, this is called misprision, something Michael will explain at the Town Hall.

This book review provides a succinct statement of the legal theory for making an appeal under the Domestic Violence clause cited in Article 4, Section 3 of the constitution:

In a lengthy essay published in Covert Action Quarterly, Diamond lays out the logic and theory of appealing to our state and county prosecutors, and ultimately to our state legislatures, to advance demands under the Domestic Violence clause which holds that the US Government is obliged to defend and protect the states from domestic violence. Read in full here:

The Domestic Violence Clause Precludes being a Global Power since that puts us at risk of attack by our enemies.

Diamond makes the critical point that when the United States supports and advances wars abroad, like in the case of the US / Anglo-Atlantic NATO imperial project in Ukraine against Russia, that the belligerence puts us, we the people, at risk of retaliation. But we the people are not profiting since war is driven by the power elite. Evidently, the nation’s leaders are not doing their duty to look out for the general welfare; they are instigating war with another nuclear power and that violates the duty to protect the nation; only a concerted peace program can protect the nation. Check out Diamond’s argument for applying the Domestic Violence clause against war mongers.

Green Liberty seeks to advance a liberation coalition that would build its ranks by driving demands for accountability for state crimes and other malfeasance. We think Michael Diamond is on to something with his theory for taking power from the elites. The violence committed by the elites in the name of advancing national security is vast. John Mearsheimer predicted what would happen if NATO were pushed into Ukraine; that war could have been avoided.

Green Liberty in its demand for accountability hearkens back to the warning from Eisenhower about the military industrial complex, which included the emerging bio-medical warfare sector. He warned the country about the emergence of a powerful national security apparatus run covertly by the CIA and other agencies; this power elite has gone unchecked, and as a result, our leaders have advanced war and built empire over protecting the environment and our health and general welfare of the nation. Soon after Eisenhower’s warning, Rachel Carson wrote “A Silent Spring,” also a warning to the nation about the danger of DDT and potential collapse of nature.

But Congress took no action to protect the nation, leaving it up to us citizens to take action.

Daimond’s frank acknowledgement of state crimes and big lies provide a wide range of “domestic violence” issues that our Congress and the Federal government have let happen to the American people. For example, society has been violated on account of lies told about the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines, dangers not considered with the problem with the childhood vaccine schedule, the danger of a broad spectrum of chemicals, the illegal deployment of geo-engineering technology, 9/11, 5G radio / microwave technology, infiltration of plastic into our body at the nano scale, and so on.

Diamond observes that the ubiquity and proliferation of a vast array of chemicals released over the past three generations has produced chronic health problems and driven spikes in cancer and autism, among other illness. Arguably, the onslaught of chemicals in a myriad of forms, qualifies as domestic violence, not just as an accidental consequence of industry, but actual purposeful harm that corporations cynically reason can be managed with litigation and appeals, and any claims paid becomes a cost of doing business.

The collective harms caused by unregulated effluence, be it chemical off gassing, to microwave radio frequency emissions, or fraudulent deployment of vaccines, all qualify as domestic violence under the definition of the constitution; however, the Federal authorities have failed to defend the states because State and Federal agencies have been bought by corporations through what is commonly known as ‘regulatory capture.’ State authority has been subordinated to the powerful economic interests.

Diamond has ideas about how a populist, we-the-people, movement can make appeals to the state legislatures, and even to our local county prosecutors, to check the power of corporations and make the government do its job of looking out for the general welfare.

Though the idea of appealing to the domestic violence clause in the constitution may seem naive, or even far fetched on account of the power the elites’ hold in terms of complete capture of state, federal and judicial agencies, Diamond is confident that appealing under Article 4, section 4 is a strategy that can bear fruit and help restore integrity to USA government.

To put teeth into an appeal for protection from domestic violence, Diamond cites the rule against Treason, Article 3, section 3, as another lever we the people can pull to get some accountability and justice.

Treason isn’t just about aiding and abetting the enemy during a state of war, but is defined thusly: “To commit the crime of treason (the levying of war part), one need only use force to prevent the carrying out of laws or to affect the public policies of the nation.” Read his full argument, in Covert Action Quarterly here:

It is a well known fact that Dr, Fauci covered up the lab origin of the SARS Cov2 to prevent policies that would have scuttled the drive to vaccinate the nation. He is a candidate for a treason indictment under this theory.

Diamond provides a framework for taking action. He makes a cogent argument that we the people and our state legislatures have been asleep at the wheel relative to fighting corrupt elements within government and society, and that the power elite have committed violence against the people.

Our collective failure to stand up against state crimes, and stand up against the regulatory capture of state agencies by corporations, has made the American people unwell and intellectually crippled. The time to fight back smartly is now. Appealing through direct action for a redress of grievance under the domestic violence clause is one tool in the tool box of change we the people should use, en masse, right away.

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