Green Liberty calls on Green Party to make calling out state crimes an element in building green movement.


One question I grapple with as a Green is: what issues can best optimize and maximize Green Party outreach and most effectively inspire people to join a movement for change? When Greens assert (by pointing to our platforms and mission statements) that we have the answers to the social, economic, and ecological problems that plague society, I think we also need to explain how and why the problems came to exist and how we would fix them.

As a proponent of Green Liberty, I advocate for calling out governmental and corporate malfeasance and using indignation at state crimes against our democracy and nature as an energizing principle for advancing the Green Movement. Our platform principles support this stance: oppose corruption.

State crimes are crimes committed by deep-state, unaccountable actors from within the government against elected officials, public figures, or policies that are contrary to “national security” interests. State crimes invariably benefit the power elite behind the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, Big Energy, Chemical and the Banking Cartel and others.

Why is calling attention to state crimes important?

Calling out state crimes and the plutocratic oligarchic power behind said crimes is necessary for weakening and discrediting the power structure. The duopoly is not legitimate since they are not fulfilling the constitutional oath to protect the general welfare of the people and preserve the integrity of the republic. Congress is not doing its job of protecting the republic from a group of bad actors that have been able to act with impunity.

The capitalist class holds untold economic power and has proven itself unfit to govern, much less influence the direction of the country, on account of its abuse of power. The elite need to be more vigorously denounced, and demands for reparations and reforms should be central to a Green Party plan for change.

To discredit the power elites, it’s reasonable and appropriate that Greens blame, or frame, the Green Project as a demand for accountability from the perpetrators of state and corporate crimes. By showing and naming the crimes, the plutocracy is called out for its abuse of power and loses legitimacy. An awareness of state crimes by the masses can create a readiness for change among the people.

Calling out the malfeasance of government agencies and its top officials would make the Green Party relevant. Naming crimes shows Greens understand the nature of systemic corruption. In addition to calling out state crimes, there are corporate crimes that should also be called out relentlessly and made the focus of the Green effort to advance an electoral revolution.

Denouncing state crimes as theft against democracy could resonate with the American public and would serve as a powerful lever point for dis-empowering the plutocratic grip on the government through its deep state control of key elements state agencies.

Greens can demonstrate our ethical and moral credentials by demanding investigations and accountability for the 1960s assassinations, the 9/11 events, and the Federal COVID Response, and more. We should demand an end to elite corruption.

What Green Vision can we present that will make the biggest difference?

We have our four key pillars, which are central to our purpose; we can advance grass-roots democracy, fight for social justice, enable ecological wisdom to inform public policy, and stand on non-violence as a matter of principle. Any one and all could be the primary driver for change.

Our green vision should include an ecologically repaired planet, opposition to militarism and a national security state, the advancement of a truly democratic society, the development of natural health and well-being through organic farming, and liberation from the banking cartel through monetary reform, worker rights, and so on. All this could be our top issue.
However, these key values have not galvanized members of the public nor enabled the Greens to capture the hearts and minds of the American people.

Greens are registered in only a handful of states, and the theme of a Green New Deal has been usurped by progressive Democrats. We need to think outside the box if we want to break into public consciousness.

It is hard to say without an extensive focus group study what issues would resonate with the public and make the Green Party more relevant in the eyes of the American people. It is unclear that the Green Party will ever be able to rise to the times, grow the party, and affect an electoral revolution; nevertheless, at a fundamental level, Greens need to decide what message they want to advance so we can build a movement for an electoral revolution.

Demanding Accountability

Green Liberty would like to put accountability and justice for state crimes against democracy at the top of the plan for advancing a Green Party program. However, we need a proactive program that explains a grand green vision for just and ecological future. Meanwhile, we should not deny the need to elevate state crimes as a theme for our petition for a redress of grievance as a lever point to dislodge the plutocracy and create an opening for a new society.

Demanding accountability should be a central element of green messaging. We should not be afraid to blame the plutocracy for destroying the planet and its web of life, as well as for impoverishing so many people, and building technological infrastructure for our enslavement, like they have in China. The corruption of the elites should be highlighted as grounds for reducing the plutocratic hold on our regulatory agencies and for limiting corporate power.

So, what is a “state crime”?

The 9/11 state crime is the topic of Cynthia McKinney’s appeal to the 9/11 Lawyer’s Committee for leaders in the truth movement. She asks them to step up into politics and lead on truth and justice. She explains who coined the term ‘state crimes’ and is a source of inspiration for this essay.

A state crime is by definition a conspiracy and involves unaccountable agents tied to the state and acting in the interest of the plutocratic oligarchy that is behind the national security state and military industrial complex. In this essay, I use the assassinations of the 1960s ( JFK, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, and Fred Hampton), the 9/11 events, and, more recently, the COVID Federal Response as case studies to show what constitutes a state crime.

However, lesser state crimes, such as the Iran-Contra scandal under Ronald Reagan, are also examples of law breaking while advancing national security interests. Paul Wellstone’s untimely death was tied to his unwillingness to accept the official narrative around 9/11. Don’t forget Gary Webb.

Though we may never have the nitty-gritty details and facts of how each state or corporate crime has been carried out, the evidence of governmental cover-up is de facto a secondary state crime on top of the original. Pointing to the cover-ups of state crimes should be adequate for the purpose of demonstrating that there are deep state operations working against our democracy and breaking law and violating the constitution.

Green Liberty doesn’t presume that elevating state crimes as a central issue for the Green Party should be at the top of the Green Program; however, it is very tempting to argue this point. But for the purposes of reaching consensus, I would allow state crimes to be positioned in second or third place, but it would be a mistake for Greens to remain silent on state and corporate crimes.

Corporations commit crimes against the people that qualify as a state crime.

Consider the problem of global warming. In the mid-1970s, major energy companies such as Exxon, Shell, and Total conducted in-house scientific studies on the effects of unrestricted fossil fuel combustion.The results of the studies showed that profligate use of fossil fuels would lead to global warming.

Just as Big Tobacco concealed its awareness of the dangers of smoking (and had to pay a settlement for its Big Lie), so has Big Energy concealed its knowledge of the dangers of massive fossil fuel pollution.

Big Energy failed to warn consumers; it even covered up what it knew so it could sell more fossil fuel without constraints. Big Energy owes reparations for this deception. Perhaps Big Energy should be nationalized as penance for its big lie, and profits clawed back to finance the restoration of nature.

Outlawing industrial hemp qualifies as another corporate or state crime. This deception amounts to stealing the natural bounty of the American people to a critical natural resource.The claim that hemp is “marijuana” set the stage for the Federal Bureau of Investigation Narcotics Division to shut down the production of hemp in the USA. This conspiracy by the Federal Government and American industrialists is well documented by now-deceased author Jack Herer in The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The newspaper magnate Randolph Hearst and Dupont Chemical are named as key players in the 1938 shutdown of the American hemp industry.

This deception cleared the way for Big Oil and Big Chemical to secure market share for their synthetic products and ended any possibilities for a hemp-based manufacturing industry. As a result, the increased use of fossil fuels and chemicals contributed more heavily to global warming, cancer, and other ailments. Had hemp not been outlawed, it is very likely that human civilization would have a lighter carbon footprint than it does now since hemp sequesters carbon and doesn’t produce toxins.

There are many other examples of corporate malfeasance that has harmed the environment and poisoned the land, air, and water. Most notably, the exposé on the use of glyphosate and the corporate authorities’ cover-up of the product’s dangers also rises to the level of a crime against the people and nature. The list of corporate malfeasance goes on and on.

But the state crimes are more egregious than corporate crime since a state crime aims to undermine the people’s will or capacity to participate in government and choose its leaders, and thereby influence the direction and course of society and history.

1960 Assassinations: historical possibilities stolen from the people.

Consider what society might have looked like if the 1960s leaders had not been killed but allowed to live out their destinies. John F. Kennedy most certainly would have reformed the CIA, limited the power of the generals, advanced a multipolar world, and provided conditions for peace.

And if Malcolm X had been free to travel the world as a citizen diplomat, and influence the direction within American society, there would have been more justice and self-determination among the African American community; if Martin Luther King had lived, he would have led the masses against the war in Vietnam and helped uplift the impoverished and imbued a reverence for life the elites do not share; and if Robert was able to succeed his brother, society would have arced toward the justice King and others envisioned. And Fred, if had lived, we would have had a revolution. We can imagine this and should not forget what was taken from us, we the people.

Shamefully, Congress did not act to protect the general welfare of the country when the nation was warned by Eisenhower about the dangers of the military industrial complex. JFK heeded the warning and sought to break the grip of the “power elite” on the deep state, but he was killed. Failing in its constitutional duty to defend the republic, Congress accepted the big lie of the Warren Commission Report in an act of servile abdication to the elites.

Eisenhower’s warning is rooted in the 1947 National Security Act, and the Cold War against the Soviet Union. President Truman reportedly regretted signing the law because it empowered the CIA to conduct its affairs in a cloak of secrecy, an agency that would be unaccountable to even the president.

As a result, the 1960s assassinations and other deep state crimes robbed the American people of social, political, and human resources, existential possibilities, that could have helped society immensely. Instead, the elite impunity to carry out assassinations set the stage for another round of state crime against democracy in the form of the 9/11 events in 2001, which included the anthrax attack on the Senate. This enabled passage of the Patriot Act, a national security measure that weakened civil liberties. This was followed by the forever wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003, and later in Libya and Syria. And then we got the Covid.

The Federal Covid Response is a state crime.

The federal response denied early treatment for COVID infections. It imposed lockdowns, quarantines, and advanced experimental vaccines that have now been shown to be neither safe nor effective.The COVID vaccine program qualifies as a state crime based on fraudulent representation of safe and effective. Multiple aspects of the Federal Response needs to be investigated, and the bad actors need to be prosecuted.

Furthermore, beyond a doubt, SARS-CoV2 is an engineered pathogen. Some who study the details of the COVID pandemic contend the virus is a bio-weapon and that we are experiencing the effects of a bioweapon attack. This may sound preposterous, but we need to ask, would our approach to Covid be different if we understood we were dealing with an engineered virus?
We need an investigation that is transparent and beyond reproach. COVID is undeniably man-made, and it must be investigated and bad actors prosecuted.

The Federal COVID Response is the latest crime against the people. The contrived pandemic has had a devastating effect on student learning from the lockdowns, caused wide-spread economic loss on a scale not seen since the Great Depression, delayed health care that led to early death, fraudulently deployed an experimental COVID vaccine, and so on.


The Green Party US mission and platform impels us to denounce violence, corruption, demand 9/11 investigations, and vigilantly monitor for overreach from corporate and state surveillance agencies.

It is wrong to dismiss state crimes as not a real problem. Sweeping state crimes under the historical rug as unsolvable, as some have stated should be done, only plays into the hands of the perpetrators. By addressing the issue of state crimes, the Greens can position themselves as the party willing to take on the power elite. We should argue that historic possibilities were denied and national destiny robbed, and that the Greens are best equipped to reclaim the possibilities that were stolen.

The cover-up of state crimes needs to be brought into the green discourse and made the focus of our critique of the power structure. The unaccounted for state crimes show how the duopolistic Congress is unwilling to fulfill its collective oath of office to defend the constitution and protect the general welfare. The failure of Congress to investigate state crimes only strengthens elite impunity and allows deep state actors in the Federal government to carry out the Big Pharma/Biosecurity attack currently at play against the American people.

There is a growing movement that opposes the convergence of digital surveillance, artificial intelligence, and the advancement of a bio-security state. This movement opposes an emerging techno-fascism that puts corporations and state power first and people and nature last.

The Federal COVID Response, with its vaccine mandates, put the power of the state in the spotlight. Greens need to get out front as champion critics of this growing state-corporate fusion.

We should petition our legislatures for redress of our grievance for the theft of historical possibilities by the perpetrators of state crimes. We should invite the public to join the Green Party in our petition for redress of grievance and show our fellow Americans that we can stand up for what is right. End impunity.

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