Green Liberty Calls for Medical Freedom from Big Pharma

Resolution for Integrative Health Care for All and investigations into the corruption of Big Pharma / Medical Industrial Complex.

Calls for Medical Freedom from Big Pharma medical industrial insurance industry. Endorses decentralized medical model.

Calls for Integrative / holistic health care for all free from Big Pharma medical industrial complex domination; public health single payer health insurance.

Green Liberty Declaration for Medical Freedom

We find that domination of our medical system by Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex comes at great expense to the nation in the form of high annual medical costs and poor health outcomes.

We call for a Resolution for Medical Freedom defined as a publicly owned national / state single payer health care system that provides a Holistic and Integrative Medical Model system that is free from domination by Big Pharma Medical Industrial Complex.
We in the Green Liberty Caucus recognize that the American Medical Establishment, and by extension Medicare and Medicaid and other insurance programs, are all captive to the Big Pharma / Medical Industrial Complex and therefore offer limited access to medical options.

Oregon Greens support a single payer health care system and welcome alternative modalities from allopathic medicine.

Building on this, we call for a National Integrated Health Care System that is founded on a Holistic focus of the patient and prioritizes health of the immune system in the context of mind, body and spirit as foundational for physical well-being.

In this reformed health care system, doctors are free to use repurposed pharmaceutical medicine as appropriate without political interference from state bureaucracy.

The sanctity of the doctor – patient relationship, conditioned on the Hippocratic Oath and fully informed consent for any medical practice, is fundamentally a private matter that shall not be abridged by State agencies.

Integrative Medicine includes the services of compounding pharmacies which produce nuanced compounds for targeted healing. This craft industry of pharmacopeia requires access to materials without undue state oversight and pressure from Big Pharma and the Insurance industry.

Holistic Integrative Medicine For All can be achieved by a national plan that institutes fundamental access for all to a primary care physician knowledgeable about basic principles of Holistic Health, multiple treatment modalities, and the empowerment of the immune system.

We invite others knowledgeable about national health care systems to advance ideas for implementing Holistic Healthcare For All.

The complaint against Big Pharma and an appeal for a redress of grievance by granting Holistic Medicine for All.

The events stemming from the SARS Cov2 / Covid event impel Green Liberty to address the Federal Covid Response: we call it a contrived health emergency that was corrupted by malfeasance that qualifies as a crime against the people.

The publication of The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy Jr. and his more recent Letter to Liberals lay out a string of fraud. The analysis from Michel Chossudovsky in his ebook The Worldwide Corona Crisis: Global Coup d’État Against HumanityDestroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression makes a damning claim of a manipulated event.

Indeed, multiple reports from multiple sources demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the Federal Covid Response has suppressed the early treatment of Covid infections, forced unnecessary lockdowns, made false claims of safety and efficacy of experimental vaccines, falsified numbers of Covid cases from faulty PCR testing, among other allegations of fraud.

The request for a grand jury investigation into the Federal Covid Response by two Oregon state senators, alleges a scheme of malfeasance from the CDC. Dr. Ealy is the chief proponent for this legal filing. Green Liberty stands in solidarity with this effort.

From the evidence, it is clear, the Federal response qualifies as a conspiracy between Federal agencies (FDA, CDC, NIH) and Big Pharma (Pfizer, Moderna), and the military industrial complex. I defer to Kennedy’s analysis and sources, but accept his argument as valid. There are many corroborating reports to substantiate these claims.

Demanding Accountability

We in the Green Liberty Caucus demand accountability, transparency in all proceedings (no secrets, no national security cover of malfeasance); we demand protection for whistleblowers and liberation of the media from Big Money to ensure fair and accurate reporting so malfeasance may be revealed and our civil liberties may be preserved.

The evidence shows that the Federal Covid Response and the policies it put forth have caused people to die on account of the suppression of early treatment protocols for treating Covid infections as well as neglecting preventative health checkups. Lockdowns kept people from seeking medical treatment which led to neglected health and death from failing to treat disease.

Furthermore, the ‘lockdowns’ have caused the national IQ average to decline from students not being in attendance at school.

The Emergency Use Authorized drugs like Remdesivir didn’t work, in fact are associated with high fatal outcomes, and incentives for ventilating covid patients have actually harmed people and led to the high Covid death count. This is well documented in the texts cited above.

Moreover, evidence shows the experimental vaccines are not safe and effective as claimed and in fact harm some who receive them, and lead to fatal outcomes. Now a report on Israeli statistics show beyond a doubt the vaccines are dangerous and are causing a spike in the ‘all cause’ mortality numbers.

The vaccines should have been stopped in February 2021 when Pfizer learned from its own data that the vaccines cause injuries and lead to fatalities.

Similar reports of fraud in the case of the Moderna vaccine plague the Federal Covid Response since the FDA gave EUA status to Moderna. In addition, Moderna is claiming patent right for genetic engineering at the furin cleavage site within the SARS Cov2 showing that SARS Cov2 is not novel but a product of the USA Department of Defense, according to reports.

Problem of Regulatory Capture

‘Regulatory capture,’ has had a deleterious impact on the American people in the form of poor health outcomes.

The United States Medical Establishment is largely corrupted by ‘regulatory capture’ whereby Corporations control government agencies and guide policy to enrich corporations.

The problem of ‘regulatory capture,’ is significant. Regulatory Capture by Big Corporations is achieved through financial campaign donations to politicians and through the ‘revolving door’ of employees moving into government agencies and back into the corporation.

Regulatory Capture enables the plutocrats to guide governmental policies and determine law and effectively set policies for our health systems. Green Liberty seeks to replace this corrupt system with an ethical medical system based on holistic / integrative principles.

Collusion led to Conspiracy

The Federal Response led by Fauci and carried out by the CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAHD and other non-governmental agencies, like the Eco-Health Alliance, advanced a false narrative of a naturally born virus that could only be treated with economic lockdowns, social distancing, masking, and isolation, all of which have caused huge economic loss and social and political harm.

Contrary to normal medical practice, no early treatment protocols were advanced by the Federal government nor by major research hospitals like Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical, Mayo Clinic and Stanford University.

All were silent on early treatment for covid infections and colluded with Federal Agencies to follow a strict course that denied life saving early treatment, which enabled infections to worsen and force hospital visits. This also gave the FDA cover to fraudulently extend Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccines since the law says if alternative treatments exist, then there are not grounds for Emergency Use.

Big Pharma has demonstrated, relatively speaking, through its control of Federal Agencies and Legacy Media, total control over the practice of medicine around the Covid Pandemic.

The FDA / CDC / NIH cabal, with Dr. Fauci as its leader, has positioned Federal agencies to engage in the practice of medicine that has led to a public health and civil liberties disaster.

Some of the reasons the plutocracy advanced the Covid ‘pandemic:’ pursuit of profits, a testing of the populace for vaccine mandates, wrecking of the main street economy to benefit Amazon and Big Tech, promulgation of a Great Reset to force masses into compliance with state mandates for vaccines and travel passports.

The answer to this dystopian nightmare of bio state terrorism directed against the World’s populations, is to separate the practice of medicine from Big Pharma Medical Insurance Industrial Complex.

The criminals need to be held to account.

We demand investigations into the origins of SARS Cov2 and a full study and analysis of the actual safety and efficacy of the experimental vaccines deployed in the Federal Covid Response.

Evidence shows adverse events and heart injuries in a significant number of the vaccinated. Therefore, investigations are necessary to determine how, contrary to the science, a fraudulent vaccine program has been engineered.

Pending formal investigations, we support petitioning our states’ attorneys’ general to convene a grand jury to petition a ‘cease and desist’ use of the Covid vaccines, and call a halt to the Federal suppression of repurposed generic medicine for treating Covid infections, and we call for restoration of the doctor patient relationship, free from Big Pharma control.

Moreover, to secure our sovereign right to access medicine not dominated by Big Pharma, We the people, call for a revamped national health program built on the ideas of Holistic / Integrative Medicine for All. We seek the complete transformation of the practice of medicine in the USA.

As Oregonians, we call on our Governor and state health system to disassociate from Big Pharma entirely and support medical freedom by establishing a public state health system based on holistic and integrative health principles.

Therefore, in light of Big Pharma malfeasance and collusion with governmental agencies in the Covid crime, we Green Liberty Caucus, assert the following as necessary and good for our civil liberties and freedom to access medical / health services:

We stand in solidarity with, Decentralized Medical Network ( Mission Statement.

We stand in solidarity with Medical Freedom Act:

this report provides evidence of persecution of doctors who questioned the Covid narrative:

Report vindicates Dr. Paul in Oregon:

Article by Dr. Blaylock that shows Covid contrived event:

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  1. Excellent presentation! Please be sure to send it to Dr. Henry Ealy, mentioned in the article. He will certainly appreciate it, and likely, with OK given, relay to other courageous physicians and other medical practitioners.

  2. Well done! I would like to see the addition of joining with experts like Dr Francis Boyle and other groups calling for BSL3 and 4 labs to be shut down: “They’re completely unsafe. BSL-3 and BSL-4 lab are only designed for research development testing of offense of biological warfare agents. In my opinion, they serve no legitimate purpose at all. They should all be shut down, every one of them.” – Dr. Francis Boyle:

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