Biological Weapons Legal Expert, Calls on Citizens to File for Grand Jury Investigations to get Justice for Bio-Weapon Crimes.

Dr. Francis Boyle explains how to approach state and local prosecutors with the facts to establish probable cause of gross malfeasance.

Francis Boyle
Dr. Francis Boyle–terrorism/

Watch the interview on the link above. Here is the text from the website: Today, Dr. Brian Hooker interviews Francis Boyle about biowarfare, past and present. They dig deep into the role of government agencies, Dr. Fauci and other players in gain-of-function research. Francis also warns of humanity’s future, stating, ”they are already planning for the next pandemic.” Watch ‘Doctors & Scientists’ on CHD.TV!

Wow! What a profound interview with Francis Boyle. This is a must listen for a number of reasons.

This interview introduces two books: The Wuhan Cover Up: How the US health officials conspired with the Chinese military to hide the origins of Covid 19. By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; (click here for Robert Malone brief book review:

and Resisting Medical Tyranny by Francis Boyle.

These two books provide the legal and factual ammunition for citizens to approach state and local prosecuting authorities and demand grand jury investigations for murder and conspiracy to commit murder, based on the development of the SARS Cov2 virus and the Covid infections that ensued, explains Dr. Boyle.

Francis Boyle is a renown lawyer and professor who has blown the whistle on the biological weapons and explains the emerging bio-medical-totalitarian globalist system.

Green Liberty is in solidarity with the work of Dr. Francis Boyle and we support all efforts to fight back against the medical technocracy that has emerged as a medical tyranny in the form of the Covid mandates to vaccinate, and is evident in the emerging power of the World Health Organization to set policy for emergencies.

Dr Boyle asserts that the SARS Cov2 entered human society as a result of a lab leak out of the Wuhan Lab. Take this with a grain of salt and understand the political expediency of keeping the reason for the emergence to an accident and avoid the calumny of asserting it was purposefully introduced.

But the dots point to purposeful introduction based on the ability to produce vaccines as “warp speed,” a point made by Sasha Latuypova in her review of the matter. The purpose of the SARS Cov2 virus was to test how the people would respond to a mandate to vaccinate. They were mostly, by a wide majority, compliant.

The Green Party must build its base to get ballot access in every state. But along the way, Green Liberty can provide a reason to join the Green Party by providing a community that will demand justice by organizing activists to engage as the 4th leg of government, citizens making appeals for grand jury investigations of crimes against the people.

Watch it in full.

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