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Green Liberty stands for the possibility of left / right unity built around a liberation coalition.

Exit the WHO
Exit the WHO

Exiting the WHO (World Health Organization) is a unifying proposition since the WHO has morphed into a major player in advancing an emerging techno-totalitarianism promoted by the Big Pharma medical industrial technocracy. We the people are universally at risk from the encroachment on personal and collective freedom as enacted under the recent Covid lockdowns, quarantines, and mandated Covid vaccine.

Green Liberty stands on principles of basic sovereign rights around personal choice, the collective freedom to make democratic policy; the right of a nation or state to set policies that impact public health, and not be dictated to by people who reject the Preamble to the US Constitution that says the purpose of government / the state / is to “protect the general welfare.’ Government, and those who take the oath of office, are duty bound to look out for the ‘general welfare,’ and by all measures, the Federal Covid Response, triggered by dictates from the World Health Organization, did not follow constitutional principles, and in fact, qualifies as a crime against the people.

The World Health Organization breached the public trust when it advanced the Covid pandemic and failed to provide appropriate guidance. It did not advance early treatment protocols for Covid infections; it advanced a faulty PCR test; and called for vaccines as the singular answer to addressing the problem of SARS Cov2. Furthermore, it did not support an investigation into the lab origin of the SARS Cov2 virus. The WHO is a shill for the Big Pharma medical industrial complex.

A strong appeal has been made by Jim Roguski and the Sovereignty Coalition for the United States to Exit the WHO on the grounds that the World Health Organization has become a corrupted institution, owned, in effect, by the Big Pharma plutocracy.

Jim says: “The old system is crumbling, and we must build its replacement quickly.If you are fed up with the government, hospital, medical, pharmaceutical, media, industrial complex and would like to help build a holistic alternative to the WHO, then feel free to contact me directly anytime.” Green Liberty is in solidarity with the idea of building a replacement quickly.

An excellent analysis and critique of the World Health Organization is provided in this link to a video sponsored by Children’s Health Defense Europe, which features Swiss attorney, Philipp Kruse , who explains what is happening in a lecture titled: WHO Power Grab – A Presentation for the Attention of Lawyers and Legislators. Kruse is suing in the Swiss courts to stop the loss of sovereignty to Big Pharma. He explains the changes being proposed to the International Health Commission rules and advanced in the Pandemic Treaty.

Jim Roguski: 10 reasons to Exit the WHO

I support the passage of House Resolution 79, the WHO Withdrawal Act, and I request that you co-sponsor this legislation in the House of Representatives and/or support the same type of legislation in the Senate A.S.A.P.

I request that you take action in support of the United States withdrawal from the WHO and actively speak out in favor this legislation.

The Top 10 Reasons Why the United States Should #ExitTheWHO:

    The WHO is infiltrated by Big Pharma, Big Money, and Big Foundations and has been corrupted by financial donations from corporations and non-governmental organizations which influence WHO policy in ways that benefit the corporations and the organizations through a money-laundering and influence-peddling scheme of massive proportions. The WHO follows the dictates of its so-called “relevant stakeholders” while ignoring the needs and desires of “We the People.”
    Influenced by vaccine manufacturers and vaccine pushers such as GAVI and Bill Gates, the WHO has lost sight of its core purpose of promoting health and has overemphasized the use of “vaccines” which have not improved health, but have actually degraded the overall health of billions of people around the world. Best practices designed to improve health are ignored in favor of actions ultimately designed to profit Big Pharma.
    The WHO is dominated by bureaucrats and technocrats that are beholden to big Pharma, not knowledgeable health professionals that are dedicated to caring for patients and helping them maintain and improve their health. The WHO wastes enormous amounts of money on salaries for their bloated staff and travel expenses to such a degree that actual health related programs are chronically underfunded.
    The WHO has sounded the alarm and wasted time, effort and money by declaring FAKE Public Health Emergencies of International Concern (PHEICs) such as Monkeypox and Swine flu (H1N1) while failing to act swiftly or effectively to address Ebola and COVID-19.
    The WHO has made horrible and corrupt recommendations in support of the expanded use of pharmaceutical drugs such as opiates that have been responsible for untold millions of unnecessary deaths.
    The WHO is overly dependent upon the petro-chemical based pharmaceutical, medical, hospital industrial complex which practices allopathic medicine that is designed to alter and mask symptoms rather than actually improve health. The WHO does not offer a forum for clinical and scientific discussion or debate and clearly marginalizes natural healing modalities.
    The WHO is blatantly seeking to increase its power by pursuing a legally-binding proposed “Pandemic Treaty” and proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.
    The WHO has repeatedly demonstrated that it is absolutely unwilling and incapable of learning from its mistakes of the past and is destined to continue wasting money while providing horrible advice based on the corruptive influence of Big Pharma and Bill Gates.
    The delegates to the World Health Assembly are unelected, unaccountable, unknown to the people they purport to represent and completely out of touch with the needs and desires of the people of their respective nations.
  10. SECRECY:
    The WHO operates in secrecy and lacks transparency. Far too much of what is done by the WHO remains hidden. What we know is horrible. What we don’t know may be monstrous!

The World Health Organization has lost sight of its original purpose and is beyond repair.

The only answer is for the United States to EXIT THE WHO.


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