Every Political Party should Have a Liberty Caucus

As stated in our mission, Green Liberty works within the Green Party and outside the Green Party to build a liberation coalition. This essay invites people of all political parties to align with green liberty and advance the cause within their respective political party, or if unaffiliated, to join Green Liberty Bloc and demand truth, justice and a moral government.

Every political party should have a Caucus that acts as an interest group that is informed by indignation at the state crimes.

The term “green liberty” asserts that corruption is a root cause of many of the problems that limit our freedom. We stand for ‘liberty’ as an expression of freedom from and against corruption. Liberty / freedom cannot be achieved so long as there is no accountability for malfeasance. Corruption is sustained when governmental affairs are done in secret, and hidden from public purview. To counter this, whistleblowers must be protected from state prosecution. Finally, green liberty holds that without an independent media, we the people cannot exercise our due diligence relative to monitoring the affairs of government and the corporations that hold power over captured state agencies.

But neither the Green Party, nor anyone for that matter, has a moral monopoly in calling out corruption or governmental malfeasance, and in fact, all American citizens have a duty to object and protest and to petition for a redress of grievance when malfeasance is evident. Indeed, there are many organizations doing this work already, but until opposing corruption becomes a central pillar of struggle, we will remain divided and weak.

Some members of the Green Party actually discount the claim that there is such a thing as a state crime and remain agnostic about the green liberty premise that the state, through deep state, unaccountable actors, commits crimes against democracy / our republic. Hopefully, we can grow our ranks within the Green Party and build up a strong majority that would support the green liberty criticism of state and corporate power.

Meanwhile, the Green Liberty mission calls for a unity movement to build into a liberation coalition. Since the Green Party is such a minor player in American politics it is naive and even delusional to ‘believe’ the Green Party could necessarily lead in this effort, especially since the Green Party is itself divided within its own ranks about using state crimes as a leverage point to demand accountability and change.

Nevertheless, Green Liberty, as a dissident perspective, is unabashedly for advancing political truth that calls out the rampant corruption that is the mark of the plutocracy.

Reclaiming lost possibilities that were denied by key state crimes such as the assassinations in the 1960’s, 9/11 state crimes that include the anthrax attack on the Senate, should be the goal of all political parties since we the people, no matter our party affiliation, have a duty to rebel when state crimes are evident. When it becomes clear that government is no longer serving the constitutional preamble to “protect the general welfare,” and when government circumvents constitutional protections for our civil liberties, especially the 5 freedoms embedded in the First Amendment, and our 4th amendment protection from unreasonable search and seizure, then we are obliged to withdraw our consent to be governed.

Therefore, every political party should have a liberty caucus styled on the Green opposition to corruption and every party should aspire for grass roots democracy as the foundation for an ethical republic.

Sadly, as many of us know, the Democratic and the Republican Parties are a ‘duopoly’ party structure that plays the American people with a semblance of electoral transition. The fact that under the leadership of these two mainstream parties our country has become captive to a deep state plutocracy shows the mainstream parties are essentially complicit in the malfeasance that empowers the super rich that runs our society.

Members of the Democratic and Republican Parties who accept the premise that the state does commit crimes against democracy should not remain silent but lead within their own parties and demand accountability, transparency in governmental affairs, and secure protection for whistleblowers who call out wrongdoing.

Together, we the people, no matter our political affiliation, can build unity around opposition to the theft of our country, and we can unify around restoring integrity to our republic by securing the inalienable rights enshrined in our constitution.

Below are excerpts from a foundational document that rationalizes why a collective voice for green liberty is necessary within all political parties.

Why should there be a Liberty Caucus and what value could it offer to the Green Party, nationally, statewide and locally? What is the purpose of liberty?

A caucus is a group with a fixed interest that engages for a political purpose.

A Liberty Caucus is an invitation to every state in the country, every county and city and local area, to the people therein, to organize chapters, affinity groups, that would do the work of speaking truth to power, defending liberty by calling out malfeasance, and building a unity coalition by championing the cause of justice to hold government and corporations accountable.

A Green Liberty Caucus is primarily concerned with government and corporate malfeasance and its impingement on the democracy; therefore, the caucus seeks ways to end corruption and end the impunity by which the plutocratic corporate oligarchy carries out its affairs.

Liberty guards against tyranny. But no individual should have to push for liberty alone. A Liberty Caucus functions as a community of voices that frame the issue of liberty in the context of resisting corruption, and demands justice for malfeasance that violates the law, constitutional rights, and in the case of the Green Party, our 10 key values.

So, while a Liberty Caucus is against malfeasance and corruption, it proactively seeks accountability as the antidote to what has become chronic problem of elite impunity which shows up as state crimes against democracy and secondarily, corruption shows up as environmental catastrophe from unbridled use of petroleum and other chemical products.

Greens are opposed to corruption in all its manifestations. Most concerning, is the overuse of national security protocols that make government affairs opaque. Secrecy orders conceal endemic corruption associated with the military industrial, Big Pharma / medical complex and the Big Money banking complex.

The preamble of the constitution mandates that government ‘protect the general welfare.’ However, as has been well documented, government is largely controlled by a plutocratic oligarchy that is behind the Big Pharma/ Big Money/ Military Industrial Complex. In a new bout of malfeasance, this cabal endeavors to enact a vaccine health registry of the people and thereby expand its controls over society in the guise of the Covid public health emergency. Though the Covid emergency seems to be in the past, we in the political truth movement do not doubt for a second that another emergency is in the works and that justice remains undone in the matter of the Federal Covid Response, a state crime against the people.

Moreover, the adage to follow the money to discern motive, shows that Big Pharma has earned billions on the Covid ‘plandemic’. Mandating vaccines and annual boosters drive profits and is the root of the corruption within Big Pharma / USA government agencies.

Democracy and liberty require the bravery of whistleblowers, and whistleblowers require independent media to disseminate the news. By this means, we the people may learn about corrupt acts that violate the law and preclude liberty from being manifest in society. A Liberty Caucus seeks protections for whistleblowers.

To that end, a Liberty Caucus provides a political home for dissident voices that have a keen eye for identifying inappropriate behavior and have a passion for justice.

What holds Americans back from demanding justice for state crimes and mobilizing against the injustice of it all?

Why are so many of us compliant, trusting of our government leaders, and unwilling to question much less challenge what are obviously false narratives?

These are very complicated questions but fear is at the bottom of our hesitancy to name the crimes.The country experiences the mass marketing of the ‘official narratives,’ which involve the deployment of “Big Lies” in the guise of False Flag operations, all which raises the specter of society being subject to a psychological operation conducted through FBI / CIA COINTELPRO. This essay cannot address how mass consciousness is accomplished, but considerable writing explores the issue of mass psychosis and how it is induced in society. With Covid, we appear to be in such a predicament.

When we look to the government for reassurance and confidence, we are sadly looking at a wolf guarding a hen house. The reassurances we get are often Big Lies that cover up the malfeasance. The consecutive traumas of the 1960’s assassinations, 9/11 and now the Federal Covid event, have all conditioned the nation to accept a manipulated media message that keeps us confused about the truth.

Consider the following highlights: Eisenhower famously warned the nation about the Military Industrial Complex. His warning extended into the CIA and other National Security agencies; President Kennedy heeded the warning but it cost him his life.

The 1960’s assassinations, as a a series of traumas and mendacious coverups, remain an open wound on our republic and the will of the people to choose their champion. The cover ups of the crimes all qualify as psychological operations to control popular thought, aside from the pure illegality of the crime itself. Being forced to accept a false narrative is jarring and traumatizing in its own right, and the confusing and shocking nature of the events, induce shock and thereby impose a false narrative on the population through a relentless media campaign.

The tendency to dismiss complaints about the Kennedy assassination as ‘history’ about which we will never know the truth is a mistake, for the ghosts of the assassination haunt us today. Without exorcising the demons of plutocratic hubris, we the people remain captive to false narratives and an ongoing threat of violence.

Underneath state crimes is the corruptive rot of a judiciary and congress that has weakened voting rights protections, provided speech rights to corporations, and enabled Congress to be bought, and this has led to immense concentrations of wealth in the hands of the .0001%.

In the case of the JFK assassination and the 9/11 events, Congress abdicated its duty to police the executive branch of government.

All the Covert History of the crimes against democracy need to be called out completely and justice demanded of each act. We are standing in the spoils of civil war carried out by the plutocracy against the republic. We have become a full blown national security / surveillance state.

We should ask how history could have turnout out if the assassinations had not been successful and the deep state prosecuted for its crimes.

Without a doubt, had Kennedy and the others survived, history would have been different for the better because each of the political leaders had a vision for a fair and equitable society. The great arc of justice that bends to collective will that Martin Luther King famously invoked, wouldn’t be in the crumbles it is today had they not been killed.

We can say with some confidence that had they all lived, the military industrial complex and American imperialism would have been defanged and made subordinate to democratically elected government; international affairs would likely be marked by good faith diplomacy and respect for national sovereignty; the cold war may have ended and the world nations could have directed their attention to the problem of ecological damage, empowerment of women through family planning; and equitable management of resources. Finally, it may well have been possible to put the nuclear genie back in its bottle.

Almost certainly, history would have unfolded without the generations of violence we have experienced if JFK, MLK and RFK and others had lived.

We can never know absolutely for certain, but it is a fair bet to say the CIA would have been ‘broken and scattered to the wind’ had Kennedy survived Dallas in 1963.

Nothing will be accomplished without indicting the ruling class for their crimes. It must be made clear to the people that the problems we suffer today are the result of elite impunity to act corruptly.

A Liberty Caucus, working within every political party, will not shy away from demanding justice, and by working across the political spectrum, a unity coalition working in concert as a Green Liberty Bloc, can free society free from plutocratic domination.

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