Utah Safe and Effective documentary indicts state / corporate corruption behind Federal Covid Response.

Utah: safe and effective? documentary
Utah: safe and effective? documentary

The movie Utah Safe and Effective pulls back the curtain on the fundamentally corrupted nature of the Federal Covid Response to the SARS Cov2.


While the movie doesn’t go into the details for how the Department of Defense essentially set the stage for the deployment of the Covid vaccines through the Warp Speed program, (as revealed by Katherine Watt at Bailywick News and Sasha Latypova,) it shows with clear and convincing evidence that the country was tricked into accepting vaccines that were not subject to Best Manufacturing Practices and produced adverse events and fatalities that were covered up.

The movie is an indictment of the federal / corporate collusion that fraudulently represented the covid vaccine as “safe and effective.”

Where is Ralph Nader when you need him? He isn’t here so it falls to we the people to organize a response. Our Liberty demands medical freedom. This demand can be a winning political formula and help the Green Party connect with the American people.

We call for liberation from the Big pharma medical industrial complex and a return to natural medicine, natural health, and to the extent possible, natural food.

The film provides a solution to the problem of a corrupted medical industrial complex.

Green Liberty is in solidarity with the goals of the Health Independence Alliance and the call for accountability as called for by those from those portrayed in this important movie.

Green Liberty is proud to be in solidarity with the film makers who bear witness, and in their reporting, denounce corrupt Covid policies. Most importantly, Health Independence Alliance promotes a vision for medicine liberated from state / corporate domination.

Oregon passed a constitutional amendment that guarantees the right to medicine for all. The question for Oregonians is, will that medicine be free from Big Pharma domination? In Utah, the answer is no. Oregon is like Utah; throughout the country, we are in the grip of the Big Pharma medical industrial complex. We need to break free.

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