Banking and Monetary reformers from Green Party explain history and rationale for democratizing money supply

Hi, I am Chuck Fall and my two guests are members of the Green Party. I am a media activist working for the Truth Action Project. Today we will shed light on the dark truth about our money supply and the role the Banking Cartels play in it. TAP is dedicated to advancing political truth. We report on all of the Big Lies, JFK to 9/11, to the banking crisis to now the Federal Covid Response, and more. But today we are talking about our money supply, what is the truth? Welcome Howard Switzer and Rita Jacobs; you are co-chairs of the Green Party US Banking and Monetary Reform Committee and are strong proponents for monetary and banking reform.

Below is a link to the NEED Act; it is standing legislation that will advance monetary reform.

Guide to the NEED Act

Click this link to see a pdf handout from the Banking and Monetary Reform Committee:!.pdf?1569509745

To follow the Banking and Monetary Reform Committee, check out their Facebook page:

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