Call for Covid Countermeasures moratorium grows among doctor groups and candidates!

Green Liberty Bloc in solidarity with demand to Stop and Study Covid Countermeasures: Moratorium Now!

Green Liberty Bloc is in solidarity with international and local calls for a moratorium to end Covid countermeasures. An immediate suspension of covid vaccines is in order, and a full investigation into origin, censorship of dissident perspectives, and ‘warp speed’ vaccine development must be done.

A moratorium demand is informed by clear evidence of malfeasance from government and corporate officials.

“It is clear and certain, beyond a doubt that the Covid vaccines, statutorily recognized as “a countermeasure” were introduced into society under fraudulent representation,” said Chuck Fall, the chief proponent for Green Liberty Bloc, a network of green liberty activist chapters, and a strong proponent for a moratorium.

Fall claims the American public was falsely told by the authorities that SARS Cov2 originated in a Wuhan wet market, and that society needed to lockdown, mask up, social distance, and quarantine to protect hospitals from being flooded with the sick; and later they claimed that the covid vaccines were “safe and effective.”

In hindsight, the threat was overblown, as Covid did not produce the mass fatalities predicted, and the lockdown measures were a mistake, especially in respects to student learning and the loss of jobs and businesses, and lives lost from untreated disease.

Furthermore, SARS Cov2 did not come wholly from nature and was not ‘novel’. Patent history for gain of function technology, and published reports on corona viruses show lab origin. SARS Cov2 has a distinct 4 amino acid chain protein (not found naturally in any corona virus) associated with a ‘furin cleavage site’ that enhances capacity to infect.

“A fear campaign terrorized Americans into believing the only solution to Covid was the experimental gene therapy vaccines,” said Fall. “The misrepresentation of the facts about the true nature of the SARS Cov2, shows willful misconduct to conceal the truth from the public, and so it is good to support the moratorium so we can get to the bottom of what really happened. The country needs a tribunal to review the evidence available and report the truth about what has really happened under the Covid ‘plandemic.’

The Green Party and its candidates, like Jill Stein, who is seeking the Green Party nomination for president, should align with the Moratorium and strongly oppose the role of the Department of Defense and Health and Human Resources in conducting a fake pandemic against the American people. The desire for justice and accountability is in the zeitgeist.

Significantly, doctor groups and others are calling for a moratorium on the Covid vaccines. The Global Covid Summitt Declaration represents the voice of 17,000 physicians and they demand an end to Covid Countermeasures.

Under a headline: “Scientists Call for Global Moratorium on mRNA Vaccines, Immediate Removal From Childhood Schedule,” Brenda Baletti, PHD reports at Children’s Health Defense about a recent peer reviewed publication that shows beyond a doubt that the Covid vaccines are bad medicine and should be pulled.

The CHD states, “A review paper published last week in the journal Cureus is the first peer-reviewed paper to call for a global moratorium on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. The authors say that reanalyzed data from the vaccine makers’ trials and high rates of serious post-injection injuries indicate the mRNA gene therapy vaccines should not have been authorized for use.”

Lifesite News reports that candidates for office are aligning with doctors’ groups that are opposing the Covid countermeasures on basic principles for consumer safety and right to informed consent, freedom to treat infections with off label use of Ivermectin, for example, without persecution from the medical board, as had happened during the Covid event.

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, president of Americans for Health Freedom, announced that ’Many [candidates] are also pledging not to take donations from Big Pharma.’

The demand for a Moratorium identifies the problem of Department of Defense leading Big Pharma in a conspiracy to put an unsafe and ineffective product into the market place.

Through a legal sleight of hand, US Code was structured to provide an “other transaction authority” to manufacture vaccines which bypassed consumer safety rules. The Covid vaccines have not been properly tested, nor required to follow best manufacturing practices because Covid countermeasures were not subject to the law governing actual medical products.

The authorities claimed “safe and effective” without actually knowing if the statement was true since no real testing had occurred.

The call for a Moratorium on Covid Countermeasures also puts the spotlight on the 1986 law, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that protects Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers from any liability for harm caused by a vaccine. Under the rules to deploy the Covid countermeasures, Big Pharma is indemnified on account the citizens have no right whatsoever to sue the manufacturers since they are protected under law that precludes any judicial review of Covid ‘countermeasures.’ This must change.

Consequently, Big Pharma and the deep state within the Department of Defense and the Health and Human Resources, have all run amok. Most unconscionable is the deployment of the experimental Covid vaccines to children. This must end immediately. Demand the Moratorium now.


Movement to Halt Covid Countermeasures is growing
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