Did CIA kill JFK? Analyzing RFK Jr. claims with Aaron Good and David Talbot on Nick at Nite.

Green Liberty Bloc in solidarity with Talbot perspective.

Our way forward is with a strong critique of the deep state plutocracy; this video provides language that works to explain why we need to advance a truth politics that calls out the deep state and the state crimes.

David Talbot is the author of The Devil’s Chessboard, which tells the story of the rise of the CIA.

These public intellectuals cover details of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s 2024 Democratic Party run for president and question what may come of it; they suggest there could be a Cornel West, Robert Kennedy fusion, if Kennedy doesn’t get the Democratic nomination; and they cover the matter of a call for a Truth and Reconciliation Project to get justice for the 1960’s assassinations.

This conversation normalizes speaking about what Thomas Merton called the “unspeakable,” that void of human depravity that would rationalize killing a president, blowing up buildings, and releasing a genetically engineered virus.

Green Liberty sentiment for truth politics is fully expressed in this frank, open, honest discourse about the nature of our government, the power of Empire, and the real problems we face.

The Green Party should sign on to the Truth and Reconciliation statement discussed at the end of the interview.

Aaron Good, David Talbot and Nick go deep into deep state analysis; watch this important interview

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