Green Liberty calls for mass testing and investigation for heart damage and clotting in people who have taken the mRNA Covid vaccines; paid for by uncle sam

Dr. McCollough on Damar Hamlin injury
The Defender TV interviews Dr. Peter McCollough about coillapse of Damar Hamlin after body slam tackle.

The sudden collapse of Damar Hamlin, a football player, subsequent to a body slam tackle, presents another case of an athlete collapsing on the field from a cardiac malfunction; however, without a full medical evaluation, it will be impossible to know why his heart failed. 

Since the introduction of the COVID vaccine, there has been a spike in mysterious sudden death events. Hamlin, at this writing, is in critical care and lucky to be alive. We pray for his recovery.

In an interview with Children’s Health Defense, The Defender TV, cardiologist Dr. Peter McCollough points out that the public nature of Hamlin’s collapse, the fact that the National Football League mandated COVID vaccines, preclude Hamlin, the NFL, and his family, from claiming privacy from public scrutiny. The medical establishment is obliged to investigate and explain in a fully transparent manner, what happened to Hamlin’s heart.

Evidence shows the COVID vaccines cause heart injuries. Well over 95% of NFL players have taken the COVID vaccinations. Dr. McCollough calls for a complete database to track those who have taken the COVID vaccines and have had COVID 19.

Mainstream media is silent on possible COVID vaccinations contributing to the collapse, but at the same time, media is dismissing claims of COVID vaccine responsibility, and feeding the narrative with a speculative claim that “commotio cordis” is the likely cause of heart failure subsequent to the tackle. Dr. McCollough says this as unlikely.

It would be medical malfeasance to not study the possible contribution from a COVID vaccine given what is known: the vaccines do injure the heart according to the Food and Drug Administration’s own findings. But many who have taken the vaccines may have experienced unnoticeable heart injuries, and one way to find out is to test for biomarkers like troponin levels, the D-dimer test for blood clotting, and other tests including electrocardiograms and MRIs of the heart.

Dr. Peter McCollough, a cardiologist who calls for COVID vaccines to be ended, advises that there is no such thing as a ‘mild’ heart injury since the heart muscle does not grow back damaged tissue or muscle mass. 

Millions of doses of mRNA ‘vaccines’ have been administered, which raises questions if there aren’t millions made vulnerable as a consequence.

Significantly, mainstream media is silent about COVID vaccine caused heart injuries, except to say they are ‘rare’ and ‘mild’. But it follows that a heart weakened by undetected myocarditis would be vulnerable to a body blow to the sternum. The media’s silence on this possibility demonstrates big media’s collusion with federal agencies to control the narrative that vaccines are “safe and effective” despite obvious safety signals.

We, the people, must say enough is enough about the Covid vaccine fraud.Damar Hamlin’s near death experience may be the tip of the iceberg of post vaccination injuries and fatalities that the mainstream media is not reporting on.

Multiple safety signals are being ignored by the Food and Drug Administration. From the VAERS voluntary reporting system set up in 1986, to the CDC  Vsafe smart ap system; to the Medicare/Medicaid reporting system; to the Department of Defense medical reporting; all are showing a spike in adverse events associated with the deployment of Covid vaccines. 

Furthermore, there are many documented sudden death events and a rise in all cause mortality.

Governmental and corporate malfeasance is revealed through numerous FOIA requests. Whistleblowers have come forward and hired attorneys to fight the COVID fraud.Pfizer knew by February 2021  that its vaccine was not effective nor safe, but the FDA allowed the experimental vaccines to be deployed nonetheless. Clearly, this is a fraudulent act.

Indeed, most damning is the revelation that the Department of Defense has been the lead agency in bringing the Covid vaccines to market. Warp Speed is a cover for deploying a military constructed biological agent.

The COVID vaccines have been developed under the cover of national security. We don’t really know what is in the COVID vaccines explains Sasha Latyapova in link in appendix. The way the law has been written, we, the people, don’t have a right to know. Congress abdicated its authority to hold oversight over the laws that promulgated the COVID fraud.

Damar Hamlin, assuming his heart was injured by the Covid vaccine, has no recourse to sue the manufacturer of the Covid vaccine. In the Federal Covid Response, Pfizer, Moderna, and others are exempt from legal prosecution for delivering a dangerous product because the law was written to protect them.

The family of Damar Hamlin should insist on a full medical investigation of his heart injury so the Covid vaccines can be ruled out as a contributing factor. Many others have already fallen victim to COVID vaccine induced heart injuries. To do justice for Damar, and others, his injury should be the catalyst for a full inquiry into the Federal COVID Response. 

Meanwhile, Covid vaccine technology should be ceased immediately, and anyone dispensing a Covid vaccine should be considered to be acting contrary to the duty to ‘do no harm.’ Injecting the COVID vaccine should be considered a violation of medical practice given what is known about the dangers associated with the mRNA technology.

Certainly, any doctor or nurse that dispenses a Covid vaccine without mentioning the ‘rare’ risk of a ‘mild’ case of myocarditis, is not giving informed consent.

Green principles subscribe to the precautionary principle. If applied to the Covid vaccine program, Greens would have petitioned for redress of grievances for the Covid fraud and demanded that the US Congress oppose and stop the Covid vaccines from being deployed.

But the Greens did not protest. Instead,  they went along with the Federal COVID Response and supported the mandate. 
Green Liberty opposes the federal COVID response and demands an end to the COVID vaccines.


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