Covid vaccines are consumer safety disaster with no recourse! Latypova explains to RFK, Jr.

Robert Kennedy interviews Sasha Latypova
Latypova courageously speaks truth to power.

Wow! this hour long interview with Sasha and Robert Kennedy Jr. lays out the Covid Fraud; how with ‘Other transaction agreements’ the covid program operated in a realm outside ordinary consumer safety law. Above the law, as it were, in the depths of the deep state on the doorstep of the Department of Defense. We the people have been bamboozled.

Hats off to Robert Kennedy Jr. for hosting Sasha Latypova and speaking truth to power. Green Liberty is in solidarity with Children’s Health Defense, and supports Robert Kennedy to be our next presidential champion. His bravery and courage make him resolute. Whether he runs or not, his willingness to give media attention to the movement, is enough.

click on this link for audio only interview.
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