Covid Vaccine Blood Clots tied to Nano-technology: Qualifies as Safety Nightmare That Demands Accountability

Green Liberty In Solidarity With Truth Action Project Demand

Green Liberty demand for a Moratorium on the mRNA Covid vaccines is advanced by Major Tom Haviland. In interview with Dr. John Campbell, Haviland explains the results of his investigation on the development of White Blood Clots that have developed with the introduction of the Covid vaccine. Clearly, Covid vaccines are problematic and need to be stopped.

Major Haviland Reports on extensive survey of funeral directors and embalmers

Truth Action Rumble Reports Explain Source of Clots

“The COVID-19 vaccinations are the most deadly vaccines ever given to mankind. Find out why they are so dangerous and what can be done to stop their proliferation. Meet our speakers from the National American Renaissance Movement:
Peter R. Breggin, MD: Will speak on the effects and mortality rate statistics of the Covid-19 vaccines; Dr. Ana Mihalcea, on the vaccine’s content seen through dark field microscopy and its dangers, as well as modalities for treatment for injuries; and David Meiswinkle, Esq., will speak about the Grand Jury Petition and the criminal investigation into the crimes of COVID-19.” Check out Full report at Rumble:

Dr. Breggin (5 minute mark) explains the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system and how it shows temporal correlation of taking shot and shows injury event which demonstrates the Covid vaccine is not safe nor effective and should have been pulled immediately. Dr. Ana Mihalcea (32 minute mark) reports on the covid vaccine content and discusses modalities for treating the clotting disease that results from taking the vaccines. Attorney David Meiswinkle (57 minute mark) from National American Renaissance Movement discusses legal actions to get accountability.

The evidence is clear, beyond a doubt certain, that the mRNA vaccines are not safe nor effective and must be ended. Major Haviland (is a guest on Rumble and reports at 1hr. 42 minute mark) states that the Big Pharma operators have plans to use the mRNA technology for other vaccines including the flu, replacing traditional vaccine technology. Treacherously, mRNA has been insinuated into society without proper safety testing. Dr. Ana Mihalcea introduces the shocking element that on top of the mRNA technology, other “trans-humanist” technology has been introduced. Optimistically, Dr. Ana identifies treatment protocols to dissolve the clotting.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea
Dr. Ana Mihalcea

Check out Dr. Ana’s substack for more information:

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