Greens Demand Covid Countermeasures Moratorium; Seek Blessing from Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for GP US nomination.

Green Liberty appeals to Dr. Jill Stein to champion a demand for a Moratorium on Covid Countermeasures.

By Chuck Fall

Green Liberty News, January 13th, 2024

Dr. Jill Stein, a retired physician seeking the Green Party nomination for US President, said on the Kim Iversen show that the Green Party’s administrative agency, the Steering Committee, issued a pro-Covid vaccine mandate statement that was illegitimate.

Stein says the US government Covid “vaccine” countermeasure mandate was wrong, and implied that the Green Party Steering Committee should have taken the issue up with the governing delegates from the membership states.

The Steering Committee pro-covid countermeasure statement was a reaction to comments made on the delegates discussion list that doubted the official Covid narrative. The SC issued its pro-covid statement as a rebuke to the dissenters, called “covid deniers” by those who accepted the official narrative that SARS Cov2 and the Covid “pandemic” was a natural event.

In reaction to the Steering Committee pro-covid statement, the Black National Caucus issued an anti-Covid mandate statement grounded in the party platform plank on consumer safety, principles of informed consent, and a scepticism of national security pandemic emergencies. Green Liberty is in solidarity with the Black National Caucus position.

So, it is into this mix of dispute  that we should appreciate Dr. Stein’s anti-mandate stance and call for an investigation. Though some may dismiss Jill’s dissent as “too little too late,” she is the assumed nominee for the nomination for Green Party president, therefore she needs cover from a strong grass roots call for a Moratorium on Covid Countermeasures. No candidate for US President should feel alone in this struggle, especially from a minor party like the Greens.

It is notable that Robert Kennedy running as an independent is the preeminent critic on the national stage of the military / pharma / medical industrial complex, his pro-Israel stance and callousness toward the Palestinian people, notwithstanding.

As a medical doctor Jill has the professional standing to be a strong critic of the Federal Covid program, and if she joined the ranks of other dissenting doctors and scientists, she could appeal to a wider range of independent voter that does not trust the official narrative that the Covid “vaccines” are safe and effective.

Without a strong push from the Green Party grass roots, Jill won’t have the constituent cover to do the right thing and stand strong against the Federal Covid Response, which was beyond a doubt an unmitigated consumer safety disaster based on fraudulent claims of safety and efficacy.

A grass roots movement that demanded a Moratorium on Covid Countermeasures (in particular the mRNA vaccines, testing products, and even the social distancing and economic policy lockdowns) pending a tribunal, or a truth commission, would give Dr. Stein the cover she needs from her constituency to call out the Big Lies about the SARS Coronavirus.

Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter and our affiliates in the Green Liberty Bloc, demand a moratorium on the Federal Covid countermeasures, also known as Covid Vaccines, an experimental mRNA gene therapy injection. We request every state Green Party join the Green Liberty Caucus in our call for a moratorium of Covid countermeasures pending an open and honest investigation not clouded by national security protocols.T

The United States Constitution provides for the US Congress to hold tribunals. The origins of SARS Cov2 must be investigated given evidence of patented gain of function technology that made the virus transmissible to the human population. The Federal response to SARS Cov2 has been an unmitigated disaster and so it is imperative for Congress, or another truly independent entity, to investigate the fraudulent claim that there was no early treatment for a covid infection, and that only an experimental mRNA countermeasure would protect society from a viral infection.

Dr. Stein could expand the ranks of the Green Party, and maybe get elected president, by calling out the Big Covid Lie; let’s give her the cover to do so; support the demand for a moratorium.

3 thoughts on “Greens Demand Covid Countermeasures Moratorium; Seek Blessing from Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for GP US nomination.”

  1. Very good statement! We need to engage with Jill and get her to understand the enormous threat these bio-weapons pose to humanity,along with the WHO intended enforcement. Instead of “brown shirts,” they will be “white shirts” this time. Jon

  2. William Zwickeer

    Good nuanced discussions of the complex issues about the Palestinian situation and climate change. These are not simple good/bad issues, and the role of the corporations to promote self interested policies for profit and control need to be opposed. Jill’s call out of the SC is a step in the right direction, but I didn’t get a sense from the interview that she is ready to call for a moratorium. Maybe this statement will help.

  3. I agree it’s worth a try. I just re-read the National Black Caucus statement, and I’m still blown away by their wisdom and courage. I’m not sure I can bring myself to vote for anyone who doesn’t explicitly endorse that statement. I remember searching Jill Stein’s twitter in hope that she would, but I didn’t find anything.

    I remember she was smeared as “antivaxxer” in 2016, and I was more impressed with her response then than I am now.

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