Chuck Fall Statement for Delegate Position to Green Party US

Dear members of the Green Party,

Please vote yes to assign me a role as a delegate to the Green Party US.

I have held the role for the last two years and am an active participant in the national delegates discussion list and on the vote list that consider proposals for the delegates from the state green parties to decide.

The Green Party US is a membership organization of the state green parties and as such the delegates act as representatives of their home state but are independent to convey their own unique green perspectives.

Technically, our bylaws commit the delegates to report back to the Pacific Green Party membership on the business of the Green Party US. I promise to do a better job of bringing back to the Oregon PGP reports on the upcoming votes and seek input from members participating on the discussion list, as a point of interest for members who want to track what is happening at the Green Party US. But historically, there has been modest to no interest in what happens at the Green Party US.

As the chief proponent of the Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter, I do on occasion advance the green liberty sensibility into the discussion list at the Green Party US and use my position as a delegate to highlight the need for accountability for corporate and state malfeasance, argue for transparency to challenge the presence of corruption in government and corporate affairs, and stand in solidarity with whistleblowers who report on malfeasance.

Otherwise, I endeavor to contribute to the discourse in ways that seek to expand understanding and consideration for ways we can expand the ranks of Green Party membership.

At one point, I advanced to the PGP Convention a proposal for the formation of a Committee on Accountability, Transparency, and protection for whistleblower; it passed by a majority at convention and can still be brought to the national delegates to discuss and consider as a new committee that would inform the national committee on matters of accountability for state and corporate malfeasance.

Pacific Green Party resolution to request Green Party US National Committee to enact Standing Committee on Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistleblower Protections
Brought to convention January 2021

Importantly, the Green Party, as a minor party that is founded on grass roots democracy and the principle of non-violence, it has a duty to provide a dissident perspective that challenges the status quo and suggest ways to build the green party movement.

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