Green Liberty Calls on All candidates to Denounce Federal Covid Response

Open letter to all candidates seeking state and federal office.

By Chuck Fall,

This is an open letter to all candidates seeking state and federal office. Please, I implore you, Include in your campaign platform, a pledge to demand full accountability for the Federal Covid Program. It is beyond a doubt clear and certain that many people have been harmed by the experimental vaccines, and the safe and effective claim was false.

Though some reading this who have taken 2, 3, 4 or 5 Covid shots and have experienced no Covid infections or other adverse events, will conclude that the shots are benign, however, the evidence shows adverse and fatal outcomes do result.

What our country needs right now are political leaders willing to take a stand and demand a reckoning with the Federal Covid Program. We need accountability, transparency in all matters tied to the Covid program, and protection for whistleblowers who reveal malfeasance. These three elements are central to the Green Liberty mission for fighting corruption. And the Covid program is profoundly corrupt.

While the Republicans in the US Senate and House are holding investigations, more needs to be done. This could include staging a full tribunal and repeal of national security and public health legislation that enabled the Department of Defense to run the Covid Program through the Department of Health and Human Resources. The SARS Cov2 was engineered in a way that by definition makes the virus a bioweapon, and somehow it got into society. This is clear from the evidence.

Key issues to know about include: the laboratory origin and provenance of the SARS Cov2; the conspiracy to deny early treatment protocols for covid infections, and the fraudulent claim that an emergency use authorization was valid on account there was no other way to protect from Covid; and we need a reckoning for the false claim that the vaccines are the safe and effective, among other issues like a review of the lockdowns, a review of the World Health Organization “pandemic,” claim which rationalized the lockdowns, and we need to look into the fraudulent PCR testing, and use of Remdesivir and ventilation as hospital treatments for a Covid infection.

We need to know all this so the public isn’t duped again. The country was duped under the Warren Commission big lie that a lone gunman killed Kennedy. And now under Covid we are being duped again. This is the time to say enough is enough.

There is talk of a “9/11 like commission” to explain the Covid event. However, that commission covered up the truth about the towers and building 7 collapse, so any invocation of the 9/11 Commission as credible belies an actual intention to cover up.

Alternatively, a public tribunal, held by Congress, would be an optimal venue for getting to the bottom of what happened in 2019, 2020 and 2021 especially.

A demand for accountability includes getting the full truth, and bad actors need to be held accountable for perpetrating a fraud. At the top of the list is Dr. Fauci, but there are many others.

Being silent about the Covid fraud is not an option for the Green Liberty Caucus nor should it be for any candidate running for president.

Settling into a state of cognitive dissonance and doing nothing about the Covid Big Lie is irresponsible. We are morally obliged to get justice for those who perpetrated the Covid crime.

Both Biden and Trump need to atone for their complicity in the Covid “plandemic”; meanwhile, candidates Kennedy, Stein, West and others, should not be silent on the Covid fraud.

To Robert Kennedy Jr’s credit, he has hosted many Covid dissidents when he was at Children’s Health Defense. He is essentially on record as willing to investigate the Covid program given his authorship of The Wuhan Coverup that exposes the terrifying bioweapons arms race.

Also, Emanuel Pastreich, running as an independent since 2020 speaks frankly about the problem of the 9/11 events, and the Covid program, as inside jobs, that perpetrated a state crime on American people and further rotted out the integrity of the republic.

Finally, denounce the Federal Covid Program on three points: as a violation of basic consumer safety practices, a violation of the Hippocratic Oath, and the doctor’s duty to provide informed consent; and denounce the the fraudulent claim that Covid vaccines are safe and effective medicine. You are welcome of course to level additional claims as you see fit. For example, the experimental Covid mRNA shots are being given to children; this is an unconscionable act of adult irresponsibility.

You should denounce Covid for Kids absolutely without any hesitation. Please.

Good Luck in your quest to be an elected representative.

Jack Dresser Expose on SARS Cov2 shows Department of Defense fingerprints
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