Green Liberty advances Campaign On Covid, need to defend kids from Toxins.

Declares solidarity with medical / health freedom movement

This is a proposal for each state of green libertarians to hold a teach in event that would demand a halt on Covid countermeasures, propose to revamp health care from big tech to natural tech including an assessment of the safety and health outcomes associated with childhood vaccine schedule; protect children and adults by reducing exposure to electromagnetic radiation signals.

Who: a coalition of medical / health freedom advocates concerned about protecting children by advancing natural / holistic health and finding ways to reduce exposure to toxins.

This teach-in educational event is intended to get our health authorities on the record, and extend a request that the authorities review the evidence and stop the covid vaccine in the state, reduce exposure to other toxins, and advance policies that build out medical choice, and medical practice free from corporate interests that is founded on natural, holistic, integrative medical principles.

We propose a zoom event that is structured around these key questions : Why are children being given Covid Vaccines? Is the heavy childhood vaccine schedule harming kids? Would we be healthier if we followed natural health principles, metabolic wellbeing, as the first step in our medical / health system?

Principally, the Teach-in event will focus on the issue of mRNA technology and Covid vaccine in particular, but more generally and broadly issue demands on childhood and natural health. We will examine some key questions.

Generally: What is SARS Cov2; what is a Covid infection? How did national security direct a public health event? What is natural health? What is medical / health freedom? What is informed consent? Is this possible with an experimental vaccine? What is mRNA technology?

Given the evidence that the Covid vaccines are not generally speaking, “safe and effective,” then why does the Federal CDC and FDA condone vaccinating children and pregnant women with covid shots, and why do some state health authorities allow the mRNA covid countermeasure technology be applied to children, and why are the Covid vaccines being allowed at all?

Demand #1: establish national public health system based on natural / holistic medical principles as health entry way into medical care system, supported by basic allopathic practices. The USA has the most expensive health costs with the lowest health return on investment.

Demand #2: ban the Covid mRNA “vaccines” since they are not safe nor effective, and stop any broad public use of mRNA vaccines pending full safety study.

Demand #3: Suspend the childhood vaccine schedule pending a complete evaluation of the program. Research from doctors and scientists has shown that the heavy dosing of children with vaccines has a net harmful effect. All vaccine mandates should be lifted pending review by independent tribunal. (Also, repeal 1986 federal legislation that indemnifies big pharma from legal exposure for tort claim lawsuits.

A teach-in would structure around a round table format and ask the experts to address the key questions and how can we apply pressure to get the Health Authorities to accept our demands, especially for the covid mRNA vaccine ban.

Since the state health authorities set the health policies in the state (based on states’ rights 10th amendment), the teach in would invite the state health authority to respond to the theme and questions of the teach-in. The Round Table presenters would be allowed to question the state health chief.

If the health authority refused to show up and participate in the teach-in, then we could install a proxy and observe in our final report that the state authority did not accept the invitation to explain the science around Cove vaccine safety and efficacy and the state of children’s health.

Then the presenters would each present on the three questions, with question and answer. Then there would be a review and perhaps lay the ground work for a white paper from the conference on its findings, and produce a summary report of the teach in event. Each state will issue its own report reflecting any nuance in law over medical health freedom.

For the record: We, (the sponsors include: Children’s Health Defense; Families for Safe Technology; Medical Freedom PAC; Parents rights to control medicine; Green Liberty Caucus; other sponsors…) believe in a voluntary society, so no mandates to vaccinate for any purpose be required in society. Meanwhile, all medicine must be tested and let into public use pursuant to consumer safety parameters. Covid countermeasures entered society under a national security protocol that bypassed public safety for national security reasons, and should not assumed to be safe nor effective since they were never applied with public safety but to function as a bioweapon “countermeasure” as defined in the rules applied to the Federal Covid Program.

It is imperative that we get accountability for the Covid mRNA “vaccines” so they can be stopped and people injured can get treatment.

mRNA tech for multiple reasons, and the nano-lipid technology it uses to deliver payload, are a well documented consumer safety problem. However, the FDA, the CDC and state medical authorities refuse to acknowledge this fact.

Why? Why do these captured agencies support untested high-tech medicine rather than sane medicine based on natural, holistic health theory and supplements with alopathic method?

A Teach-in will set the stage for legislative ideas, suggest initiative petitions that could be advanced in the upcoming legislative session in each state, and even consider legal theories for compelling state agencies to cease and desist proved harms caused by the medical industry.

Also, a teach-in should review the advances being made at the state level to oppose the Federal Covid Program, and other examples of people fighting back and reclaiming lost employment from refusing the vaccine.

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