Russel Brand Exposes Covid Crime and Globalist power grab in Interview with Meryl Nass and Andrew Bridgen

Green Liberty in solidarity with Brand’s truth rhetoric and critique of plutocracy.

Russel Brand with Meryl Nass and Andrew Bridgen on resisting Covid technocracy
Russel Brand with Meryl Nass and Andrew Bridgen on resisting Covid technocracy

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Here is the Rumble link to the interview:

Wow! Russel Brand nails it when he names an international anti-corruption movement that has been spawned by the Covid Lockdowns and national security public health faux event.

In this episode the WHO is condemned for its growing power. The US Department of Defense used the WHO declaration of a pandemic to launch its ‘warp speed’ development of covid vaccine, something that had been started before the SARS Cov2 was identified in January 2020. This is true.

Meryl Nass and Andrew Bridgen make a great duo as front line truth warriors. Nass warns of an emerging techno-totalitarian system installed under the cover of the covid pandemic. The WHO is advancing a Pandemic Treaty and rules under the International Health Regulations that will empower the WHO to make declarations within a nation state and over rule the authority of the sovereign republic. Nass supports the Exit the WHO movement.

In the second half, Russel Brand unpacks how the mainstream media is normalizing adverse events from the covid vaccines as a relative risk that each must choose for oneself ( not mentioning the responsibility of the state and the corporations for advancing a toxic vaccine).

Brand unpacks how the media is manipulating the truth about what is becoming an unavoidable fact; the covid vaccines are not safe and effective and they actually cause death, but it is the responsibility of each individual to navigate the risk benefit of taking the vaccine, is what is happening. Media is conditioning the public accept responsibility for the adverse events. Watch this episode with Brand.

Brand speaks to the logic and rational of building and advancing a medical freedom movement, and he takes broader holistic critique of the power structure, that explains how the power works, and seeks to break the grip of the Big Pharma military industrial complex one the throat of our nations health system. But Brand understands a mass movement is what is required to make a difference.

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