Ban Covid Vaccines: Incapacitated Pilots and Dying Athletes are Canary in Coal Mine of Adverse Events.

Michael Nevradakis, PhD and Dr. William Makis discuss Covid vaccine adverse events.

Michael Nevradakis interviews Dr. William Makis
Michael Nevradakis interviews Dr. William Makis–dying-athletes/

“Sudden deaths — athletes, pilots, school bus drivers — what does Dr. Makis see as the correlating event behind them? And what dangers do these pose for travelers, school children and others in the population? Join today’s host, Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., and his guest as they dive deep into this subject on ‘Good Morning CHD.’” CHD TV

This report from Dr. Makis shows beyond a doubt that the Covid vaccines are not safe and effective. Our society is in a pandemic of the vaccinated related heart injuries and other conditions tied to the spike that the body is programmed to produce upon vaccination.

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