Ban Covid Vaccines: Demand Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist Covid Vaccines: appeal for grand jury investigations; meet with public officials.

We the people need to meet with government officials and seek a redress for our collective and individual grievances against the Covid Vaccines; we need to demand the vaccines be outlawed.

Green Liberty is in solidarity with calls to ban Covid vaccines.

The Evidence is clear, Covid vaccines have been introduced into the human population under false pretenses, fraudulently, and this big lie has been aided and abetted by the Legacy Media.

For multiple reasons, it is imperative that the Covid vaccine be outlawed, but suffice to say the vaccines are not safe and effective. We are being lied to and the Federal and State and Local authorities that are advancing the Covid Big Lie are accomplices to a fraud.

We the people must step up and directly seek redress for our grievance of being lied to about the Covid vaccines, and grieve that the Federal government has failed its oath in the preamble to protect the general welfare of the nation. The Covid program involved pressuring the country to take the vaccines even though the authorities new the covid vaccines were unsafe.

We demand our states’ attorney generals act on our demand for a cease and desist of the Covid vaccines, and we request an injunction against the use of Covid vaccines pending a Congressionally mandated truth tribunal to publicly review and uncover what happened under the Federal Covid program. Why was something unsafe allowed to be deployed? We need to know.

Under the Federal constitution, we the people may appeal our grievances, seek redress, in public courts. Ideally, an attorney general, or a judge, would accept an appeal, and if enough evidence shows probable cause that a crime has been committed, then on these grounds, Covid vaccines should be prevented from being used, and action taken to establish the true safety of the vaccines.

Bear in mind, this is a civil matter, with criminal implications. So, there is the consumer safety goal of banning a toxic product; and then the investigation for malfeasance.

Katherine Watt and other radical constitutionalists advocate that citizens make constitutional arguments and apply the theories for seeking redress of grievance (first amendment speech right) and apply for grand jury investigations. This means meeting with actual officials and filing county records of non-compliance. See links below.

This is something more people need to be doing: meeting with officials and filing formal declarations of non-compliance, and pointing out the laws that have advanced a national security state that violates the constitutional duty to look out for the general welfare. We the people have been sold out and thrown under the bus by our elected and appointed officials.

Green Liberty is in solidarity with the work of Katherine Watt ; see the link for full text, but below is a cut and paste of key details about approaching public officials: .

From Katherine Watt, On how to approach public officials:

Katherine Watt writes at her substack: “I’ve been fielding more emails and comments asking how to help and how to donate to legal funds to support the kinds of criminal cases I write about.

I’m still working on the fundraising piece. It needs to be set up to be somewhat under-the-radar but still publicly accessible, and that’s a hard balance to strike

On the public education piece, the general public is far out in front of the public officials — most of whom don’t understand the massive criminal enterprise in which they’ve become entangled.

The gap between the two groups is widening as the public gallops on ahead.
More ordinary people understand the big picture of what’s happening, and more people are getting more angry about it, while so many prosecutors, lawmakers, judges, governors and sheriffs are just starting to catch on.
This is a good development overall.

Because so many ordinary people now understand things more fully, and the government officials (at least, those who aren’t willing, premeditated co-conspirators in the crimes) are finally noticing some things that seem a little off, the time is ripe for more ordinary people to make more ordinary appointments with county and state officials, and with your Congressional representatives, to talk through some of these things.

I know that many of you have been doing that already. Keep doing it.

If you haven’t been doing it yet, now is a good time to start.

The task is mobilizing potential statesmen to step up and follow where the people are already leading, and mobilizing more well-informed popular support at the same time, so the two groups can converge on each other and strengthen each other to withstand the genociders and the genocidal mass media that have been keeping the two groups weak, ignorant and isolated from each other for more than 100 years, and are intensifying those efforts now.

If you are interested, please find the offices and try to make an appointment to meet with one or more of the following people, wherever you live:

  • county sheriff
  • county district attorney
  • county commissioners
  • county magistrate judges
  • state attorney general
  • state legislators
  • state governor
  • state judges
  • Congress members
  • US Senators
  • federal judges

Go to the appointment prepared to explain the situation in America and the world right now, as you understand those things, in your own words.

Be prepared to explain as best you can how you would like these men and women to respond: by joining with you to publicly name and shame the covert globalist overthrow of Constitution and country; by resisting it; by repealing the unlawful federal, county and state pseudo-laws and appropriations that enabled it; by formally rejecting and refunding the hush money, bribery and extortion payments the feds have been funneling to school districts, hospitals, universities, towns, counties and states to buy silence and cooperation with evil; and by launching and supporting criminal prosecutions.

Two documents to print, bring with you and give to the people you talk with.

  1. To demonstrate your own commitment to help these men and women see what’s happening and stand up at their sides to fight, print, sign and bring along the Affidavit of Noncompliance.
  2. To leave them material so they can educate themselves more after your meeting, bring along a copy of the American Domestic Bioterrorism Program Executive Summary, Jan. 2023 version

Take notes during the meeting. Write down questions they have. If you can point them to sources of more information during the meeting, do that. If you need to track down answers to their questions and get back to them later, do that.


Keep pushing.”

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