Ban the Covid Vaccine: Not Safe!

Green Liberty Can Grow Its Ranks by Demanding Covid Ban!

This is an argument to advance a Ban the Covid Vaccine campaign. However, with so many pressing issues, it is difficult to decide where to dedicate resources. Is there anything more pressing than opposing the Gaza war, for example, given its brutality?

In a Christmas address, Emanuel Pastreich highlights the historical parallels between the Israeli war in Gaza with the Italian-German aerial bombardment and total annihilation of Guernica in 1937. Opposing the war in Gaza, and by extension the military industrial complex and the plutocracy is paramount. We should all respond to Israeli bombardment with the same indignation and repulsion that Picasso revealed in his famous picture depicting the moral depravity of modern warfare. So, first priority is calling out and opposing war.

Our movement has to do multiple things simultaneously, like protesting the war machine, demanding a ban on the covid vaccine, fighting toxins in general, Exiting the WHO, calling out trans-humanism, as well as advancing an egalitarian revolution. In solidarity and mutual aid, we need to build a commons that provides for the food supply, energy supply, housing, medical care, among other appropriately shared resources and services, and restore nature along the way.

Meanwhile, right now, today, Green Liberty needs an issue to draw attention to our demand for accountability. We need an issue we can grow our ranks around. I am passionate about opposing the Covid Vaccines because it is the most recent of the Big Lies and needs to be resisted. A Ban the Covid Vaccine is an absolute stance that will put us on the map and provide an issue we can champion and form alliances with others in the medical freedom movement. Here is an important update on the Truth about Covid from Dr. Russel Blaylock that is an excellent summary of the malfesance and supports the Ban the Covid Vaccine.

Though the Covid Pandemic was declared over by President Biden in February 2022, the Covid vaccines remain in the market place, and are promoted as necessary for protecting against Covid infections. But the Covid vaccines need to go.

A Ban the Covid Vaccine campaign will define our resistance and give us an opportunity to lead on a key issue. The legacy of the Federal Covid Program is a hidden set of statistics the mainstream media doesn’t discuss, much less the CDC / FDA acknowledge. The fact that the Covid experimental mRNA vaccine has been normalized is gross and repugnant and needs to be called out.

A Ban the Covid Vax campaign can combine with a Ban Toxins in general, and make a call to restore nature, and build out a holistic / integrative health care for all. All this would be framed in the larger goal of achieving an Egalitarian Revolution.

Banning the Covid Vaccine is within our reach and would grow the movement.

Evidence shows that beyond a doubt the Covid “vaccines” are not “safe and effective” as claimed. It is false, fraudulent and morally reprehensible for state health authorities to allow the Covid vaccines to be deployed in the states. People are harmed from the shots; therefore, the Covid shots should be stopped immediately.

Dr. Peter McCollough, cardiologist and general expert on the medical malfeasance conducted by the medical establishment during the Covid, says that the spike in all cause mortality starting in 2021 was reflected in sudden death events among athletes, sudden onset of strokes, brain disease, cancers, and other odd ailments, including rise in disability claims. All these events must be assumed to be caused by, or influenced by, the Covid vaccines until proven otherwise. The onset of an uptick in these events correlate with the introduction of the Covid Vaccines in 2021.

Research from Arne Burkhardt, pathologist, shows as a matter of fact, that the Covid vaccines, in some cases, cause a host of symptoms that develop from exposure to the spike protein.

Until it is ruled out that the Covid vaccines are not the cause of adverse events, and a scientific study determines the Covid vaccines are truly “safe and effective,” the Covid countermeasures must be banned.


Green Liberty Caucus spearheads a project to Ban the Covid Vaccine. We could stage a conference to draw attention to the Covid fraud, the domination of Big Pharma, and review the evidence that the Covid vaccine is dangerous.

This campaign will need to be advanced on multiple fronts. The purpose of a conference, or planning meeting, would be to develop the best strategy to get the Covid vaccines banned. The conference may determine that good old fashioned protest outside the office of state officials with a concerted effort to lobby and get action, may be the best step.

Importantly, we have a first amendment right to seek a redress for grievance. By petitioning our legislators and attorney’s generals to give justice, we exercise our right. We can also petition for a grand jury to investigate and make a determination that a probable cause that Covid vaccine is unsafe and that PFIZER AND MODERNA be enjoined from selling covid vaccines.

We can review the work of different leaders in the movement like Katherine Watt from Bailiwick News.

As a backdrop to a demand to ban covid vaccines, there is the fact that the state and Federal health authorities have not done their constitutional duties as civil servants to look out for the general welfare. Instead they have fraudulently advanced a dangerous and experimental vaccine.

An argument for Banning the Covid Vaccine.

Firstly, let us state our disagreement with the Federal Covid Response. A Campaign to Ban Covid Vaccines should preface that we are filing a First Amendment, 5th Freedom, petition for redress of grievance against state agencies that colluded with Pfizer and Moderna et al, to get the American people to accept an experimental mRNA genetic therapy biologic, aka, “covid countermeasure,” /“vaccine” without providing informed consent, and under the duress of a contrived pandemic health emergency that violated the Nuremberg Code against involuntary testing of experimental vaccines.

We insist a Ban on Covid Vaccines is necessary since the ‘covid vaccines’ are blatantly not safe nor effective and were forced onto the nation under false pretenses.

Congress has the power to hold tribunals, and certainly this should be something we seek from our elected officials. We can advance a citizens’ petition for a public tribunal but demand honest people be put in charge.

Since Congress has abdicated its duty to protect the general welfare by not doing its due diligence to police the Department of Defense and the Health and Human Services, and the FDA / CIA / NIH et al, around the safety of the Covid vaccines, we must appeal directly to our states’ attorneys generals to issue a “cease and desist’ and order state health authorities to stop the vaccine.

Conceivably, If 1000’s of petitions for redress of grievance did occur, in conjunction with demonstrations of solidarity, we the people could apply immense pressure on the authorities to stop the big lie of Covid vaccine being safe and effective.

We demand to know the truth.

Our grievance demands to know the truth about the vaccines. We need a study that compares the Covid non vaccinated population from the vaccinated in the matter of ‘all cause mortality’; on disability claims; on sudden death syndrome, on heart injuries of any kind, sudden cancers, and other ailments. Only by comparing the vaccinated to the unvaccinated can we know with any certainty what risks are associated with the vaccine.

The fraud of the Federal Covid Program stems from laws that allow the circumvention of standard Best Manufacturing Practice of the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson products; as a result, true clinical safety trials were not conducted, but it was represented to the people that the vaccines were “safe and effective.” This was a big lie.

The FDA knew in February 2021 that the Pfizer product was unsafe but it ignored this fact and gave a pass to the vaccine for an emergency use authorization. This qualifies as willful misconduct to ignore a safety signal and claim the Covid vaccine was safe.

Steps to advance the Ban the Covid Vaccine Campaign:

Petitions for Redress of Grievance should state the urgency of the matter and request immediate action.

We can advance this campaign by formally filing a petition for a redress of grievance to our state attorney general for immediate relief with a “cease and desist” order of the Covid vaccine to the state health authority.

In addition, we can compose legislation and take the request to our state legislatures for legislative action to ban the covid vaccine.

Finally, if county prosecutors, or judges won’t advance a redress for grievance to a grand jury or issue a ‘cease and desist’ to the local health authorities, then a state wide ballot drive may be the final solution.

Second front in fight against tyranny: call out the toxins. The huge quantity of toxins in our environment is proof positive that Congress has abdicated its duty to look out for the general welfare and has failed its duty under the constitution.

We know we live in a soup of toxins. From Glyphosate (aka Roundup), to ‘forever chemicals’ , to micro plastics, to radio frequency / micro wave transmissions to service our smart phones and the internet of things; to a life long series of vaccines from infancy to the recent Covid countermeasures; to genetically engineered food; pollution in the air, water and soil; to such an extent that we are literally poisoning ourselves to death and experiencing numerous ailments along the way.

How do we reduce toxins? What does it mean to return to nature, natural systems, natural health, natural food? How do we return to nature as a necessary means to unfix human civilization from a cult of technology, which holds that nature is a failed project that only human technology can fix and augment with chemicals, machinery, radio frequencies, and so on.

How do we lever a Ban the Covid Vaccine into a broader appeal for liberation?

Green Liberty demands accountability from state and corporate authorities for state and corporate crimes; it demands transparency in state business and right to know from corporations as public entities operating as a privilege of trust; and we seek protection for whistleblowers, necessary for revealing lies and malfeasance. We also recognize that an independent media is necessary for a healthy, open and honest society, and that to liberate from the plutocracy, we need to devolve power from regulatory captured state agencies to a decentralized confederation of libertarian municipalities, free cities and rural areas, all founded on egalitarian principles.

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