Anti-Knowledge 5G Removal proposal to PGP Platform suppresses Scientific knowledge

By Mark Rolofson

Photo from National Business Aviation Association article on 5G Interference.

The current Pacific Green Party Platform thankfully addresses the dangers of 5G wireless technology. There is now a proposal by Seth Wooley, the self acclaimed “PGP expert on Toxicology”, to remove the 5G wireless technology health warning from the PGP Platform because he labels it as “anti-knowledge”. The proposal titled ‘PGP Proposed Platform edits to remove Anti-knowledge items includes 5 items.

I will focus on the last item, about 5G which the current PGP Platform states “Oppose the implementation of 5G wireless technology, as the high density of non-ionizing microwave and millimeter-wave radiation in pulsed and phased radar arrays has not been adequately proven safe for public health or the environment.”

Seth Wooley claims this is “wholly unscientific” and should “simply be deleted.” Interestingly many scientists around the world have expressed serious concerns about the dangers of 5G. More recently the airline industry claims 5G can interfere with radar and 5G towers should not be near airports.

The 5G rollout follows the same pattern as introducing cell phones to consumers, by suppressing information that exposes the health and safety risks. There was clear evidence from studies by the National Toxicology Program and independent scientists that phone radiation can cause cancer. In 1999, the Wireless industry hired George Carlo, thinking he would give cell phones a clean bill of health. He found there were serious concerns about cell phone safety and thought the industry should fully inform their customers of the risks. The industry attempted to silence George Carlo.

In 2017, scientists around the world were very concerned about the dangers of 5G and those concerns continued for a few years. Since 2020, there has been a serious effort to downplay the risks of 5G. After doing a Goggle search and a YouTube search, I found very little information stating 5G posed serious health risks. I remembered watching an interview in 2018 on Democracy Now titled How Big Wireless War-Gamed the Science on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones. I was able to track the interview down. The algorithms have been set to suppress the available information that confirms the dangers of 5G while providing information that either claims 5G is safe or the dangers are unconfirmed.

As recently as November 2023, there are big concerns from the airlines about 5G interfering with radar. In the past airlines have cancelled flights over concerns about 5G.

Seth Wooley’s 5G deletion proposal would simply make the PGP platform friendly to wireless companies, by censoring legitimate health and safety concerns based on science.

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