Green Liberty Caucus Oregon supports Children’s Health Defense 2023 “5000 Voices” Legislative Agenda.

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Green Liberty Caucus is in solidarity with Children’s Health Defense.

Green Liberty Caucus has called for Covid Vaccines to be outlawed in Oregon, and consider giving a child the experimental Covid vaccines unconscionable and rising to the level of child abuse by the authorities that administer the shots.

Children’s Health Oregon highlights the important issue of a Doctor’s right to prescribe repurposed drugs without oversight from the Pharmaceutical industry. Green Liberty supports freedom from Big Pharma domination.

From CHD: “This is a critically important topic here in Oregon where our former governor prevented doctors and patients access to Ivermectin through inappropriate interventions with pharmacists. Given Ivermectin’s success now proven in stacks of randomized control trials, and the deepening problems with the SARS-Cov-2 vaccines, it seems to us that our elected representatives would benefit tremendously by hearing from each and every Oregonian on the topic of allowing doctors to practice medicine WITHOUT government, (or pharma’s representatives), influence, as undoubtedly happened here in Oregon with Ivermectin! “

Key 2023 legislation includes:

Help advance these bills by calling your elected representatives in Salem, Oregon.

Bill SB640 Requires duration limits for emergency states
Bill SJR14 Amend OR constitution to limit Governor emergency declarations

In the Senate Committee on Education (Senators Michael Dembrow and Suzanne Weber)
Bill SB641 OHA and DOE can not require C-19 vax for daycare through college

House Committee on Behavioral Health and Healthcare (Reps Rob Nosse, Christina Goodwin, Travis Nelson)
Bill HB2200 Prohibit C-19 vaccine requirements
Bill HB2942 Prohibits medical discrimination
Bill HJR7 Amend OR constitution to limit Governor’s requiring medical procedures or vaccines

House Committee on Rules (Julie Fahey and Vikki Breese Iverson)
Bill HB2399 Limits for states of emergency

House Committee on Emergency Management, General Government and Veterans  (Dacia Grayber, Rick Lewis, Thuy Tran)
Bill HB2944 Prohibits state enforcement of C-19 rules

As a matter of urgent concern, stopping the use of Covid vaccines should be a priority. Below is a link to a report from Australia that shows Covid vaccines are not safe nor effective and should be discontinued immediately. Read remarks from Steve Kirsch or go straight to the report. Click pdf below to see original report.

Here is a substack from Steve Kirsh

For close tracking of important legislation for medical freedom check out: Unite Oregon;

Also try:

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