Building Green Liberty Bloc

Organizing within the Green Party to form a Liberty Caucus.

Working outside the Green Party to advance the Liberation Coalition.

Our Mission

Green Liberty Caucus: What It Stands For

Green Liberty Caucus seeks the liberation of society from oligarchic and corporate domination by working in a liberation coalition to mobilize a mass movement that can transfrm society. Liberty guards against tyranny. But no individual should have to push for liberty alone. A Green Liberty Caucus functions as a political community that frames liberty in the context of justice (calling out official wrong-doing), defending constitutional rights, and advancing Green 10 key values.

Green Liberty is a demand that state crimes get justice, actors be held accountable, that government conduct itself transparently so that corruption and the impunity it spawns may be stopped.
Our job today is to reclaim our republic from a plutocratic oligarchy that solidified its power on November 23, 1963. Had JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK, and members of the Black Panthers not been assassinated, history may well have arced toward justice as Dr. King envisioned. But the arc was broken instead. To correct this we must speak to this terrible truth.
We accept that the country was stolen, figuratively speaking, by deep state operators tied to the plutocratic elite, when President Kennedy was killed. His assassination was preceded by the rise of the national security state and the military industrial complex. Compounding the loss of Kennedy, the other 1960’s assassinations, and the September 11th false flag events, have been crushing blows to our democracy as the power of the national security state increased with each crime.
Green Liberty strives to build a movement that rallies the people to mobilize and organize to transform society. As a vanguard, green liberty caucus provides a collective voice that bears witness to the state crimes against our democracy and demands justice and transformation of the governmental system.
We resist censorship, and advance the Green project as the antidote to the poison of a corrupt power structure that is increasing its domination in society.


Green Liberty Caucus brings together skeptics, truth and justice advocates, and other critical and dissident voices, to energize the Green Party by forming a Caucus to direct the Party to promote the Green mission so that we can build a truly free and just society by calling out the problem of chronic corruption reflected in regulatory capture of state agencies by the power elite, and by demanding accountability for crimes against our democracy committed by deep state actors who have acted with absolute impunity. For liberation, we denounce corruption and demand justice and promote the green way.

Our Goals

Organize within the Green Party US by working within state green parties to follow procedure to create a Green Liberty Caucus, and influence the Green Party so it seeks justice and the truth about state crimes against democracy.


Establish a Green Liberty Caucus in every state of the union.


Organize outside the Green Party US and seek alliances with other like minded organizations to adopt Green Liberty as a value proposition for solidarity. Introduce Green Liberty to other major and minor political parties.


Advance a Liberation Coalition project to spread the idea of a liberation movement. Advance a program to create unity and shared objectives around liberation.

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